Aug 2, 2008

Creative designs, great ideas!

Tea bags and pack look like cigarettes. Some fun for you and youre frends. See? - you take a cigarette and drop to hot water cup - and you got tea, because its tea in cigarette (not tobacco). Filter work like float. And there is a common concept for tea and cigarettes is a break to communicate

8AM is a task lamp constructed simply of braided electric wire.The flexible wire, once passed thru an aluminum clamp, undergoes a ???change of state,??? elegantly transforming into the structural body of the lamp itself. Following the simple construction method, the 8AM task lamp is also powered on/off in an elegant manner.By touching the aluminum clamp, the user is able to trigger the ever-increasing levels of light output. This simple system consisting of a wire and a clamp, can take on various forms to fill the home, office, or lobby with a pleasant wash of light.
Released as a concept at Salone del Mobile 2007, 8AM has received much attention and garnered rave reviews from the public and professional lighting industry. In addition to the task lamp built, 8AM is illustrated in three other configurations ??? a chandelier, a wall sconce, and a floor lamp.