Aug 7, 2008

Best Band Logos

No. 9 The Misfits
As befitting the band's horror-punk sound and image, the skull motif was appropriated from a poster for the movie serial 'The Crimson Ghost,' and the typeface mirrors the logo of the movie magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland.

No. 8 The Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia and Co. had the legendary "Steal Your Face" symbol painted on all their gear so that, during festival shows, fellow hippies wouldn't accidentally swipe their guitars.

No. 7 Scissor Sisters
These New York rockers scored an indie hit with their version of Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' ... and darn it if their logo doesn't look like a creature from 'The Wall.'

No. 6 AC/DC
Fans have been saluting this band logo for thirty years. Designed by Atlantic Records VP andcreative art director Bob Defrin, it made its debut on the international edition of 'Let There Be Rock.'

No. 5 The Who
In 1964, Brian Pike designed this pop-art-inspired logo for a poster advertising the group's gig at London's Marquee club. Though it never appeared on a single Who album, it has been featured on hundreds of badges worn by fans, solidifying the Who's stature as the pre-eminent mod band.

No. 4 Kiss
Lead guitarist Ace Frehley came up with the logo, which first appeared on the band's second album, 'Hotter Than Hell.' Frehley's masterstroke was rendering the final two letters in Kiss as stylized lightning bolts.

No. 3 Yes
English artist Roger Dean has made a name for himself with his fantasy landscapes, many of which adorn Yes album covers along with the "bubble" logo he debuted on the band's 1972 LP 'Close to the Edge.'

No. 2 The Rolling Stones
Though often purported to have been designed by Andy Warhol, actually British graphic artist John Pasche devised the "tongue and lips" motif in 1970. The logo was inspired not just by Mick Jagger's famous mouth but also that of the Hindu goddess Kali.

No. 1 Prince
As a form of protest against his record label, Prince felt the need to abandon his moniker. In 1993, he adopted his logo, which he termed the "Love Symbol" and incorporates the glyphs for Mars (male) and Venus (female), as his actual -- and unpronounceable -- name. He even turned it into several custom guitars.